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Sunday, 3 March 2013, ϟ 0 shout(s)


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     Things just get even worse the moment when I had broke up with my Ex-Who-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned couple of months ago . But that doesn't change the facts that I shall never get involved in another love story again right? Like seriously I knew I shouldn't, even my heart says GO, but my brain says NO ! And I realize that , little me should start focusing on my SPM examination rather than facing that fuckin love story. But I don't know why, me still offering myself into this prob like a cattle for slaughter. silly me right ? hahah. Yes not to be mention that I am one of the thousand more SPM Candidate this year and I just keep enjoying myself like a kindergarten kid that played 24/7 non-stop and doesn't need to think of ma future YET ! oh how I miss my kid year rather than adolescent . hahah ! okay, enough with these chitchat about past ! what past is past and let bygones be bygones . we need to start fresh and stick to our future by not turning back or think bout every memories that can't even, I mean EVER happen again in our life .. I guess it's time for us to change guys :)

     Fyi, the reason of me typing this new entry is about someone who did help me chase away my dark past with my EX-es and volunteering himself as a new bait.. what's his name? LOL , according to my calculation, his name is Aiman Hanafi, fullstop ! don't ask me his ' BIN ' name cause till now, he doesn't wanna me to know his ' BIN ' name !! arghhhh don't ask me reasons, I just don't know WHY ! If you guys were damn addicted enough to know bout it then I suggest to the mankind of you, go ask for it YOURSELF ! T.T tsktsktsk ~ ehem ehem . well , besides his name , me also know bout his age , likes etc . but not too detail lahh ehh . haha . 

     Aiman Hanafi, aged 15 . Stayed Cheras and receives education there too. Addicted to Fixed Gear Bikes and Sports. One of the sprinter at his school . Total joker and love to prank others including me. duhh ~ -- Not a serious type of person and enjoys laughing every single time. LOL ! A great copypaster when Whatsapp-ing together. 177cm height and 60kg weight. A perfect guy , just like I hope so. Cherish + naughty but sometimes kinda annoys me a LOT ! HAHA . But deep down , me still love him and will always love him IF he loves me back ! heee~ That's all for today and hoped you guysgals enjoy much reading me entry bout me loved one LOL. down here lies some of his photos of this crazy looking guy that manage to conquer me heart a lot . haha . 

p/s: I HEART YOU AIMAN HANAFI . :* please do appreciate me :')

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